of Community College of Philadelphia's Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society

​​​ To qualify as an applicant for the Reentry Support Project PACE program, all of the following statements must be true:
   *  You are a US citizen.

   *  You were released from a county jail or state or federal prison between 2015-2017 and you were serving time for a felony conviction.  

   *  You do not have any convictions for violent sex offenses or arson since turning 18 years old.

   *  You have a secondary school credential (GED or high school diploma).

   *  You do not have any default federal student loans from college, trade, business, or technical schools.

   *  You are a Philadelphia resident and anticipate living in the County for the next 12 months.

   *  You were unemployed or earned low taxable income in 2015 and 2016 (under $10,500 if legally single).

   *  You have no history of enrollment at Community College of Philadelphia or you previously attended and are eligible for re-enrollment. 
   *  You do not want to transfer any college credits to Community College of Philadelphia.

   *  You are legally single, widowed, separated, or divorced. Note: If you are married, you may still qualify for PACE. However, you must complete the 

       federal financial aid application process on your own and contact the Reentry Support Project after the College has approved your aid.

   *  You were born before Jan 1st, 1993. Note: If you were born after Jan 1st, 1993, you may still qualify for PACE. However, you must complete the

       federal financial aid application process on your own and contact the Reentry Support Project after the College has approved your aid.  

   *  You do not have any obligations that could interfere with your being on the College's Main Campus 3 days per week from 9:30am-3:30pm May

       through August 2017. Exact program days will depend on College Placement Test scores and other factors.

If you meet the requirements above, call (267) 299-5979 or email! Provide your name and phone #.

​Applications for the Fall 2017 PACE program are being accepted now through August 7th, 2017.
All PACE program applicants must complete a phone interview before visiting the Reentry Support Project office. We DO NOT accept walk-ins. Most calls and emails will be responded to on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when part-time staff are working.


At Community College of Philadelphia, the Reentry Support Project offers innovative post-secondary academic and workforce-oriented education programs that combine classroom learning with services, resources, and activities designed to help students with criminal records achieve their goals. As of Spring 2017, the Reentry Support Project has 3 programs available to qualified applicants with criminal records:
        *  PACE - Pathways to Academic and Career Excellence (Main Campus)

        *  Future Forward (for adults charged with their first felony) (Main Campus)
        *  Pathways to College Success (Philadelphia Department of Prisons)

PACE Program Description

Do you have a criminal record? Do you desire a college degree? Career success? Are you ready to change the course of your life? If so, the Reentry Support Project PACE program (Pathways to Academic and Career Excellence) may be the key to your future!

The PACE program serves students with criminal records pursuing Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees. AAS degrees offer an affordable, technical-oriented college education that can prepare students to compete in the job market in approximately half the time it takes to earn a bachelor's degree. While working toward their AAS degrees, PACE students benefit from access to diverse Reentry Support Project services, resources, and opportunities designed to help them transition to college, perform well in classes, and develop the networks and skills needed for 21st century workforce success.

For more detailed, printable information on PACE, click here!!

Current Community College of Philadelphia AAS degree options supported by PACE and best-suited for most students with criminal records include (click here for more information from the College Catalog):
    *  Accounting                               

    *  American Sign Language/English Interpreting                        

    *  Applied Science and Engineering Technology
    *  Automotive Technology – Service Technology           

    *  Behavioral Health/Human Services             

    *  Building Science

    *  Computer Information Systems
    *  Computer-Assisted Design Technology


*  Construction Management        
*  Culinary Arts
*  Digital Video Production              
*  Facility Management – Construction
*  Facility Management – Design   
*  Hospitality Management
*  Paralegal Studies